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Youth Programs

Kids BJJ Training


Fantastic training atmosphere: friendly, respectful, and fun.

Girls BJJ Training


I was in Stratford visiting a friend, joined for a class and was amazed at how welcoming the environment is. Ryan (head instructor) took the time to personally show me some moves appropriate to my skill level (complete beginner) and broke it down into easy, understandable steps. When it came to rolling all the students were more than willing to help me and to show me some useful and practical techniques. There is no bravado and people rolled as hard or as light as they wanted. If I lived in the area I would 100% sign up at this dojo.

Striking Class


Ryan is the hidden gem of bjj in Stratford, his school and classes in Stratford is very welcoming, and personally I have trained in bjj for a few months and had looked around for a few schools, and bjj is all about a positive learning environment, which Ryan provides to all his students. At first I had brought my girl friend here because she wanted to learn kick boxing, and because the vibe is so good at the gym, she also became interested in bjj which really shows for how good the learning environment is here.

Anyone who is curious or interested in bjj, boxing, kick boxing or fitness in general should drop in for a few classes!

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Adult Programs

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