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This class is both strengthening and relaxing. Creating space, stability, flexibility, and restoration in the body as well as calming the mind and nervous system. Stephanie’s classes are precise, with attention to detail of alignment, freedom of breath, and hands-on adjustments to deepen your practice and body awareness. Her knowledge of therapeutic yoga is shared and applied with all students to create ease in the body and to support health. All levels welcome.

Tuesday - 9:15am

Thursday - 9:15am

Friday - 9:15am


Our Kids (4-6 years old) BJJ program is designed to introduce Jiu-Jitsu as a concept and art to our youngest students. Focusing on building confidence and coordination through dynamic warm ups and fun games. For this age group we put a strong emphasis on teaching throwing and falling to build a strong body, good balance and the confidence to attempt learned techniques.

Tuesday - 4:15pm

Thursday - 4:15pm

Saturday - 10:15am



The Kids (7-9 years old) BJJ program is designed to build our students a strong foundation and basic understanding of BJJ. The lesson plan ranges from self-defense and dealing with bullying, utilizing basic positions, proper etiquette as a martial artist and introduces the concept of submission holds.

Tuesday - 5pm

Thursday - 5pm

Friday (Advanced Kids, Grey Belt & Up) - 5pm
Saturday - 11am


Our Youth (10-12 years old) BJJ program has high expectations for the class. We treat them as close to Adults as possible and expect them to self motivate as much as possible.We teach them techniques focused around competition and a strong emphasis on learning submission holds.Our goal is for the students in this class to become future leaders and hard workers while never forgetting the importance of fun.​

Monday - 5pm

Wednesday - 5pm

Friday - 5pm
Saturday - 11am



Our Teens BJJ classes (13-16 years old) are designed to be the perfect transition class from our Youth, to our Adult classes. These classes function just like our adult BJJ classes, and are open to all skill levels. This class is also open to Advanced Youth students on an INVITATION ONLY basis. This co-ed class follows our fundamental BJJ curriculum, as well as prepares students for higher intensity training, and competition. This group is perfect for teens looking to train with both males and females, as we have an equal amount of both. 

Tuesday - 6pm

Thursday - 6pm

Friday - 6pm


Our BJJ Basics classes are the foundation of our academy. You will learn the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu within the IBJJF (International BJJ Federation) standards. Designed and based around the core techniques that every Jiu-Jitsu practitioner should know. Everything from self-defense, throws, positions and submissions. As well as introductions to more advanced techniques. This class should be prioritized by both new and advanced students to improve their overall Jiu-Jitsu knowledge.​

Monday - 7am, 11am, 8pm

Wednesday - 7am, 11am, 8pm​



Our mixed level Jiu-Jitsu classes open to all adult members. Here we focus on all manner of techniques and training. Everything from advanced high level sweeps down to basic submissions.These classes make up the bulk of our schedule and allow us to get all ranks to improve together.This class has a much stronger focus on rolling and preparation for competitions.Newer members should prioritize our BJJ Basics but definitely don't avoid these sessions!​

Tuesday - 8pm

Thursday - 8pm

Friday - 7am, 11am, 8pm


Our Women’s Only BJJ program is quickly becoming one of the most popular and well attended at the academy. Normally schools start a women’s only class as a way of recruiting ladies to the gym, whereas ours was initiated due to the sheer number of women already training here at Stratford BJJ. We have added more classes lately as the program continues to grow.The program is beginner friendly, and follows our BJJ Basics curriculum closely.This is a great way to train with like minded individuals in an incredibly supportive environment for any women looking to start something new. The class ranges from 13 to 60 years old and includes all body types from varying walks of life.

​Monday - 6pm

Wednesday - 6pm



Submission Wrestling or No Gi is simply Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practiced without the Gi (Kimono). Our program aims to teach the same modern techniques utilized by the top No Gi and MMA competitors in the world and to help adapt our students game to No Gi situations.This class is open to all teen and adult students, however having a solid understanding of BJJ basics is recommended prior to attendance. In this class any submissions utilized by the top No Gi organizations are allowed in order to complement our more traditional rule set followed in our BJJ Basics classes.​

Tuesday - 7am, 11am, 7pm

Thursday - 7am, 11am, 7pm
Saturday - 12pm


Boxing at Stratford BJJ is taught in the same manner as most gyms. Skipping, footwork drills, pad-work, conditioning, bag work, and a strong focus on perfectly executed technique. We follow a European style of boxing as Coach Josh is taught by a native of Ireland. Sparring is also available to those at the the required skill level. Boxing is co-ed and open to members 13 years or older.​ 

Monday - 7pm

Wednesday - 7pm

Friday - 7pm

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